How To Lose Fat Quickly

How To Lose Fat Quickly

Many people look for quick fixes to their diet in order to lose weight only to find themselves gaining weight after the fact. If there is a special life event such as a wedding, it may be wise to do so, but be aware of…



As Alcoholics Anonymous turns 80, here’s a look at its Jersey roots

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded 80 years ago by two men - one a New York securities analyst, the other an Ohio doctor - who became convinced alcoholics could help each other. However, plenty of the group's crucial early history took place in New Jersey: 1. The date is June 10 - now celebrated as the birthday of AA.

The Laundry Basket Exercise That Really Works Your Butt

These days, fitness trainers like Steve Cook say everyone seems intent on getting a better butt. Inspired by the well-sculpted behinds of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, booty-focused workouts are becoming more and more popular -- and even if you can't make it to the gym, Cook says, you can still do simple things to tone up your backside.

How To Floss Teeth

Flossing teeth is extremely important, especially if you’re trying to avoid getting…

Pediatricians urged to be on the lookout for eating disorder among young kids

TORONTO -- Family doctors and pediatricians should be on the lookout for a poorly understood eating disorder in which children severely restrict the types of foods they will eat, a pair of eating disorder experts say. "If you're only eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the chances of you having for instance a normal hemoglobin" -- red blood cell count -- "are probably low," Katzman said.

An Open Letter to A-Rod

I would like to be among the many to congratulate you on last night's achievement. Getting your 3,000th career hit is no small feat and you did it in dramatic style, with a home run. There will always be controversy that will cloud your image just enough to make us the least bit indifferent — or is the word apathetic. angry.

Why it took me 30 years to admit my father was mentally ill

Whenever the topic of my childhood comes up, the conversations are never good. I have said it more than once - it would have been easier if my dad had a physical illness. Maybe then, even as a young child, I would have been able to tell people that something tangible was wrong with him, and I wouldn't have assumed it was my fault.